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Sabre is uniquely qualified to support you in achieving the best security solutions to meet your needs, from risk assessments and staff training to full protective security in high threat environments.

Security Consulting
New threats faced by governments, corporations and private individuals around the world require innovative solutions to achieve safety of personnel and technology.

Sabre’s staff have encountered and dealt with high risk situations during their private security and previous law enforcement & military careers, This experience enables us to analyze and make balanced recommendations for any situation you and your company may face around the world or on your doorstep.

As soon as you request our involvement we will meet with you to understand your needs and then provide a project team dedicated to delivering an outstanding, cost effective, solution to your specific problem.
Typical consulting tasks include:
  • Threat assessment and security evaluations for static sites and mobile assets
  • Recommendations and plans for protecting your employees during business critical movements in hostile environments
  • Event security plans
  • Government advisory work often concerning specialist military, surveillance or intelligence units
  • Close protection analysis covering residence security and movement
  • Security audits
  • Aviation and maritime security reviews
  • Technical security reviews
  • Evacuation and radio contingency planning and implementation
  • Incident Management and crisis response and planning
  • Satellite and radio communications
  • Temporary security management
  • Project security management
Protective Security Detail (PSDs)
Close protections teams with the ability to operate within challenging and demanding environments. Team compositions range from all-expatriate staffed teams to full Local National teams, or a combination of both depending on threat, client requirements and budget.

Pesonal Security

Our capabilities include:
  • Personal protection
  • High specification fully armored vehicles both covert and high profile
  • Certified armed escorts trained to the highest standards
  • Satellite tracking and communications
Static Site Security
Sabre provides comprehensive protective security for site facilities ranging from residential buildings and small offices through to major high profile, high threat locations including large construction sites and living areas, military facilities, maritime ports and airports.

Services we offer include:
  • Threat assessments and site surveys
  • Security and emergency plans
  • Construction of physical security structures and defenses
  • Manage Third country and local national guard forces
  • Guard force training, equipping and deployment
  • High quality search trained personnel and supervisors
  • Access and security pass control
  • Search and attack dogs
  • Technical systems providing intruder alert, remote surveillance, and sophisticated search of people and vehicles
Sabre offers a wide range of training covering corporate, law enforcement and military needs, providing all aspects of training including delivery, assessment, analysis, evaluation and review.

We employ the most highly experienced and qualified subject matter experts to meet the demands of the markets we operate in. Our confidence in the caliber of the training services we provide stems from the dedication, commitment, qualifications and ethics of the people we employ. Sabre has the capability to provide accreditation as well.

We will design training to suit your specific requirements and, after consultation, deploy a balanced team dedicated to acceleration the skills and capabilities of your stuff.
We currently offer training in the following areas:
  • Hostile environment training for employees or private individuals
  • Static guard force training
  • Surveillance training
  • Counter terrorism training
  • Close protection and Protective Security Detail training
  • Specialist Police and Military Training
  • Medical training
  • Riot control training
  • K9 Handling – Guard, EODD
  • Communications training covering radio and satellite systems
  • Aviation Security
Combining civil engineering and design/build capabilities with life support, operations, maintenance and logistics services, Sabre can successfully deliver total solutions based on our unique expertise and depth of resources.

Our lifecycle services from initial concept to decommissioning include:
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Renovations

Life Support Services include:

  • Catering & Dinging Facility operation
  • Water Treatment Facilities & Services
  • Waste Removal & Treatment Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Fire Protection Equipment & Services
  • Facilities Maintenance & Operations
  • Medical Support
  • Telecommunication, Internet Communications & IT Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance Repair & Recovery Services
  • Housing & Facility Supply
  • Site Facility Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Ground & Road Maintenance
  • Hazardous Material Disposal
  • Fuel Supply & Service
  • Laundry Services
  • Warehousing
Sabre operates throughout 18 provinces which allows us to build an extended logistical footprint and infrastructure in Iraq.  Primarily based in Baghdad, our hubs also operate near significant airfields to facilitate the transport of supplies.  Additionally Sabre has firmly established links with tribal groups in Iraq to assist the movement of assets and supplies.

Sabre International offers secure life support services for clients requiring accommodation within the International Zone in Baghdad. This includes: daily accommodation, dining facilities, laundry facilities, fitness and recreational facilities, internet and satellite TV and transportation within the IZ.
Additionally Sabre International can provide a number of specialty services including PSD escorts to BIAP or locations within Baghdad, personalized escort within the IZ, business centre facilities.

Vehicle Maintenance
Operational vehicles are a necessity in any business and equally so in Iraq. Sabre has a fully operational Vehicle Workshop capable of services from general fleet maintenance to full rebuilds and crash repairs. A full range of vehicles are serviced from soft skin to B6 armored, sedans to trucks.

Sabre is uniquely positioned to support all your equipment need by providing outsourcing and management services that covers the entire spectrum of materials and equipment required for use in today’s security services. From the supply of body armor, riot control equipment, armored vehicles and uniforms, to the provision of procurement specialists and material management consulting, Sabre is your "one stop shop" for equipment procurement.

Sabre’s expertise in professional renovations and our skilled team of craftsman means we are able to ensure only the best finishes
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Painting
  • Yard maintenance
  • Floors
  • Brickwork

We offer professional services, from concept through to design, planning and construction
  • Drawings
  • Surveying
  • Interior design
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Architects


New Build

Sabre’s extensive range of construction services makes us your best choice for any project, large or small. Sabre incorporates the best practices of the construction industry
  • Remote area camps
  • Remote area kitchens
  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Ablutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Housing
We are continually developing the range of services we offer.

Other related services include:
  • Due diligence on potential local business partners and competition
  • Vetting and screening of local hires
  • Contingency and evacuation planning
  • Transitional and in-place security managers
  • Crisis management
  • Asset tracking
  • Intelligence and threat assessment briefings
  • Secure office, living accommodation and communications facilities
  • Establishment of major work sites with full life support for hundreds or thousands of people
  • Customer confidentiality and protection of intellectual property
  • Fostering relationships with Iraqi Government and business
  • Warehousing
Sabre offers a comprehensive range of communications and IT solutions to compliant our clients operations. Our solution are ideal for Clients working and travelling in remote locations.

Sabre has invested substantially within our business and has established a unique Command and Control Center with state of the art equipment including Mobile Tracking System, VHF Radio and Satellite Communications. This center in Baghdad watches all missions undertaken in Iraq, accomplished by broadcasting in details maps on large wide screen TV overlaid with real-time information on the location of our PSD's.

Information Technology Solutions

Our local resources are well trained to provide a broad range of engineering, installation and maintenance services such as:
  • Project planning, design, evaluation and implementation
  • Site survey, path profile design and validation of microwave networks
  • Implementation and procurement of IT & Telecom systems
  • Network traffic analysis and network optimization
  • Operational and maintenance support
Maintaining a close relationship with global suppliers and manufacturers allows Sabre to provide services in all areas of electronic security.
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Command, control and intelligence
  • Badge design and control procedures
  • Scanning Equipment
  • Biometric solutions
  • Communication jamming solutions
Vehicle Tracking

Location information has increasingly become part of any commercial activity. Linking important business intelligence to location, tracking assets for real time management and control, creating high quality situational maps for up to date awareness of communications and utilities networks…..all have become part of today’s high-end management of mission critical and vital assets.

Sabre is the only private security company (PSC) in Iraq that owns the Mobile Tracking and Messaging system (MTS), a satellite-based system developed by the US Military and acquired by the Sabre three years ago.

All operations rooms and vehicles are equipped with MTS, constant surveillance and communication with personnel and vehicle movements throughout Iraq.

The MTS possesses the highest specifications available with:
  • Country wide mapping
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • location reporting to a fix of less than seven meters
  • 60 second location updates
  • two-way text messaging in under 10 seconds


Sabre has established a partnership with CISCO to bring industry leading networking solutions to Iraq. Sabre will be utilizing CISCO products in high profile, strategic Government and Commercial offices.
Aviation Security

Sabre currently manages the security at Alnajaf Alashraf International Airport. Sabre has been the incumbent aviation security provider since January 2009, being instrumental in the development of the airport from a small joint arrivals/departures building receiving three flights daily up to present, a large split terminal, apron extension and up to 40 flights a day during the annual festivals season. The whole ethos is one of effective security that enables the airport to develop into the regional hub that it aspires to be. The key principle is seeing security as an enabler rather than the end in itself. We work with all the airport authorities and agencies to make improvements wherever possible, often far removed from the core business of security. Since taking over the contract, Sabre has processed over one million departing passengers through the terminal. Peak times such as the Hajj and other religious festivals, Arafa, Ashura, Arbaeen etc, have been handled with efficiency and cultural sensitivity. The terminal does not appear any different to similar facilities in other international and key domestic airports worldwide. Normality is a key consideration, while not compromising standards. All aviation security staff are ICAO qualified and appropriately certified. Indeed, there are more guns in the Terminals at Heathrow or Frankfurt than there are in Najaf.

Aviation Security

As part of Sabre's commitment to being more than just the security provider, we have been instrumental in enabling major airlines come to Najaf, in order to investigate the feasibility of commencing scheduled services into the airport. Most recently we worked with both Qatar Air and representatives from the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority to achieve just this result. Many Middle Eastern countries are served by Najaf plus Turkish Airlines who fly direct from Istanbul three times weekly, which will increase to five flights at the beginning of 2013. Najaf. Sabre's presence is viewed as reassuring by those authorities which need to grant clearance to operate.

Aviation Security

Sabre is committed to capacity building for Iraq. The majority of the staff on duty both inside and outside the Terminal are Iraqi. They have been fully trained and qualified by UK DFT certified trainers and operate under fully qualified expatriate supervision. This includes a dedicated Explosive Detection Dog detachment and Access control Office, responsible for the production of airport ID.

In summary Sabre operates as an aviation security provider in a way that maintains and improves the standard of security, and also helps with the development of all aspects of business associated with the Airport.

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